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The Benefits of
Search Engine Optimization

Increase Visibility

Put your business in front of people who are already looking for your products/services with SEO and dominate rankings in Google.

Increase Customer Base

Our proven strategies and techniques will drive traffic to your website from interested parties and grow your customer base.

Increase Revenue

It’s all about the bottom line. Sit back and watch your Boston based business grow from the new stream of clients.


What is SEO?

Simply put, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website/webpage to make it rank as high as possible on search engines for specific keywords. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get quality traffic to your website, whether it be to sell something, market your Boston based business, educate the user, etc. Click here to learn more about what SEO is in a separate article.

The Importance of Boston SEO

97% of consumers search for local businesses online.


Click on Page 1

The average percentage of organic clicks on Page 1 of Google search results.


Click on the Top 5

The average percentage of organic clicks the Top 5 Google search results get.


Click on Page 2

The average percentage of organic clicks on Page 2 of Google search results.


Click on Page 3+

The average percentage of organic clicks that occur on Page 3+ on Google search results.

If you are not on the First Page of search results,
you are losing potential customers to your competitors.

*The remaining ~23% (miscellaneous clicks) may be explained by the following: Users didn’t find what they were looking for and refined their search or moved on to another page. Users clicked on an ad that showed up on the page. Google Rich Answers solved/satisfied the user’s query or search intent.

Stop Losing Customers to your Competition

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Our Proven Process

Every search engine optimization (SEO) campaign we take on is fully customized to fit each one of our clients. It is important to understand the process involved in carrying out an effective project so both parties know exactly what to expect.

Audit and Analysis

A complete SEO audit of your website. This gives us an idea of what work needs to be done and how you compare to competitors.

Keyword Research

A successful SEO campaign relies on carefully chosen keywords. We will balance searcher intent, search volume, and difficulty to maximize the effectiveness of the SEO campaign.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to all the things one can do directly within the website in order to improve its rankings in the search engines.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to all the things one can do outside of the actual website. Main processes include link building, which aims to increase the relevance, quality, and quantity of backlinks to your website.

Reporting and Analysis

Every month, we will send you the progress we have made. SEO is an ever-changing industry. This also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the changes and fine-tune our strategy if necessary.

Growth in Keyword Ranking
Increase in Top 10 Ranking
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in CTR

How We Work

Getting an SEO campaign started for your Boston based business is quick and easy. This is our standard process to get your project up and running.



We will start by gathering some information about your business in Boston, goals, and what you are looking to get out of our digital marketing services.


Analysis (Free)

After we get more information about your business, we will conduct a free SEO analysis. This will give us an estimate of how much work is required to get on the first page of Google.



Once we agree to work together, we will complete a full SEO Audit which we will use to create a customized roadmap for the whole campaign.



Now that we know exactly what needs to be done to get your website ranking, we will execute our SEO campaign based on the SEO audit and roadmap.

NJL Marketing Full Logo (small)

Welcome to NJL Marketing Boston, MA

NJL Marketing Boston is one of the top digital marketing agencies specializing in Boston SEO services.

Boston, MA

Just like you, Boston holds a very special place in our hearts.
As the 6th largest economy in the United States (12th globally!) and with a population of over 680,000 people, Boston is an economic power-house that is full of energy. Boston is home to some of the best colleges, financial institutions, biotechnology, and life science companies but it’s also the small/medium sized local businesses that contribute to the city’s great history, charm, and attractions. We love working with the big, multinational organizations; however, we take great pride and joy in working with the small/medium sized local companies of Boston.

Just a few examples of the types of companies we work with in Boston:
Global consultancies, e-commerce companies, plumbers, roofers, dentists, lawyers, business consultants, financial advisors, interior designers, etc.

Types of SEO

Local SEO for Boston

Assist local Boston based businesses to rank in Boston (Maps and organic).

National SEO – Target the whole Nation

Assist local Boston based businesses to expand nationally. Rank for keywords nationally without geographic modifiers.

Top Questions

We encourage our clients in Boston to ask us questions. I believe part of our job is to educate our clients. From speaking with people that have had a bad experience with SEO in the past, we found that most problems originate from the lack of communication. If both parties know what to expect and understand the possibilities, there shouldn’t really be any problems.

That being said, here are the 2 questions we get asked the most often for our Boston SEO services:

  1. How much does SEO in Boston cost?
  2. How long does SEO in Boston take?

Price: Let me start off by saying that proper SEO is not cheap. Yes, you can find people charging a few hundred dollars a month for SEO services but in most cases, you will end up getting burned. SEO is resource intensive – a specialist’s time is expensive, the necessary tools are expensive, the tests we conduct to get scientific results are expensive, acquiring off-page signals are expensive. Unfortunately, none of these translates to “cheap”. Also, why would a company only charge a few hundred dollars if they know they can increase their clients’ revenue by thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars?

So, how much does it cost? The answer is, “it depends.” Different keywords have different levels of difficulty due to the competition. The current performance and state of the target website is also a very important variable. If the website in question has a penalty attached to it, the price will most likely be more expensive. If the website is relatively well optimized but is lacking a few simple elements or factors, the price will be lower.

Duration: The duration of an SEO campaign depends on many factors, just like pricing. However, in most cases, you shouldn’t expect to see results in just 1~2 months. SEO is a marathon (more like a triathlon…), not a sprint.

Since there are many factors that affect the price and duration of an SEO campaign, we would be doing you a disservice by advertising a range.

The best and most accurate way to understand the price and duration of our Boston SEO services is for us to have a quick chat and work on a free analysis. There really is no downside for you since you’ll get actionable insights and a better understanding of how things will work.

Why hire an SEO company?

Google makes more than 500 changes to their search engine algorithm every year. There are thousands of things that go into ranking a website and managing them all can become a nightmare very quickly. Leave SEO to the experts and focus on what you do best – run your business.

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