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Do you have negative reviews or comments about your business in Tokyo showing up in search results?

It takes many years of hard work and dedication to build a business that people trust and respect; however, it only takes as little as one negative review to destroy what you have spent years building.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM), a sub-category of our core SEO services in Tokyo, is basically SEO on steroids. It is a way to control what shows up in search results when people search for you or your business – The process of promoting and pushing up the positive things and pushing down the negative things about your business on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Our target is to remove all negative results from the top of the SERPs and replace them with positive results which reflect the true colors of your business through SEO.

Let people see the positive/real side of your business and not the negative parts raised by the minority.

NJL Marketing, the premier Tokyo SEO Agency will help your business look its best.

Online Reputation Management Circle

Why does your business need ORM?

Unfortunately, people are more inclined to publicize their bad experiences rather than their good ones (maybe because the emotion of anger and disappointment can often be bigger than the one of joy).

These reviews could be from a genuine customer who just happened to have a one-off bad experience with your business on a bad day or you just happened to serve an unreasonable customer, which, unfortunately, happens.

It can be purely out of bad luck or it could be something that got blown out of proportion as well.

Negative reviews can also be placed by your jealous competitors in Japan.

Sadly, we live in a world where people can hide behind a screen and say whatever they want whenever they want without truly identifying themselves. This kind of damage can often be done without repercussions for the one doing the damage. The worst part of this is that the things we claim don’t even have to be true.

Without a face-to-face confrontation, these so-called “keyboard warriors” can easily hurt others without consequences.

As a business owner, we understand how hard it is to give customers the best experience 100% of the time. We also understand how hard it is to hear the voices of the ones who have had a bad experience. However, we have to appreciate the negative feedback as this is often what helps our make our business better and stronger.

The Process

Let our ORM team in Tokyo, Japan help your business look its best.

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